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Sustainability Consultancy

Awareness on sustainability has grown rapidly in the past few years. The world now values how designs should maintain the environment for upcoming generations. As designers, we are seeking to foster the application of sustainability in design and spread the awareness on its vitality. Our architects are specialized in offering sustainable solutions for new buildings, or adapting existent ones. Hence, providing environmentally-friendly buildings with respect to interior comfort and the physiological impact of the building on its users.

Renewable Energy Solutions

EBE-T as a mother company that has the know-how of engineering technologies and how sustainable designs become sustainable realities; works on enhancing the building efficiency in terms of energy-saving and electricity cost reduction. Renewable energy sources are smartly utilized incorporating the basics of passive and active building design techniques; taking advantage of our natural resources. This entails maximizing the use of natural lighting and ventilation while taking moisture and humidity into account. In addition to the use of advanced energy solutions and home automation applications along with our technical partners; Solar Shams and Degla Tech; respectively.

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